Community center De Meerpaal | rental

Community center De Meerpaal is located in the heart of Strijp and consists of a community central room and a classroom, separated by a buffet. Meetings on neighborhood matters usually take place in the central room. The classroom is the center for a wide range of neighborhood activities.

The premises of Community Center De Meerpaal are available to initiators who want to organize meetings, presentations, courses or workshops here. The room is suitable for groups of up to 15 to 30 participants, depending on the activity. We are not allowed to rent out De Meerpaal for parties and public performances. Click here for the agenda of the Meerpaal

The room of approximately 50 m², equipped with audiovisual equipment and a well-equipped kitchen, is available for a fee. The rental price includes the use of coffee and tea. This must be made by yourself. Other non-alcoholic drinks are available at reasonable prices.

Using the Meerpaal is quite independent. Within the rented part of the day, the room can be furnished according to your own wishes, with the available furniture. After use, de Meerpaal must be left tidy and clean.

Rental information:  or call: 040-2522859


Community center de Meerpaal is NOT available for parties!

Buurthuis de meerpaal eindhoven - in de Botenbuurt. Gratis Notarissen spreekuur notaris

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